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Whale Watching Adventure 

We start this amazing adventure in La Paz, Mexico at a spectacular little villa. Plenty of time to unwind and acclimate to the quaint little fishing town. Amenities include air conditioning, complimentary breakfast, swimming pool, and a beautiful terrace for a relaxing evening or sunrise yoga class, walking distance to shopping, dining, and a stroll along the Melacon.

We then prepare for 2 nights and 3 immersive days on the water at the magnificent Magdalena Bay. Camp days are February 18 - 20. Only accessible by boat, Magdalena Bay is a special reserve for the protection of the Pacific Gray Whale. The whales migrate from their feeding grounds up north to court, breed, give birth and simply frolic in the warm, calm waters of Baja’s Pacific lagoons. 

The spectacular and lavish camp setting, nestled in the dunes, is ideal for the breathe taking experience of watching the whales. Campsite is complete with walk-in tents, cots, pads and pillows for some “glamping” All delicious meals  prepared with complimentary drinks in the evenings. For intimate encounters we have the opportunity to board motorized boats twice daily and take a short ride into the bay where whales abound. The small boats are skillfully and sensitively operated by local boat men who have many years of experience working with guest and wildlife.

Activities from camp include watching whales right from shore, yoga and meditation offered during sunrise and sunset, exploring the spectacular wind swept dunes or guided kayaking excursions into the extensive mangrove estuaries. In the evening our naturalist guides present slide shows on the local flora and fauna with a special focus on gray whale natural history and behavior, along with group gatherings. Everything is optional and your discretion.


We return to La Paz for one more day and night to reflect on the magical experience, enjoy the town and have an option to  swim with whale sharks!

Early Bird Special!!! The cost for the 7 days and 6 nights at double occupancy is $1295 per person for a limited time. Includes rooms, the whale watching excursion, all meals and drink are included while camping at Magdalena Bay. Family pricing and customization of dates possible. Come co-create a very special 2020 trip!


Call Angela at 360.731.6675 or email for more information.

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More Details

Airline Tickets

You can fly in to La paz Mexico or Cobo San Lucas. Right now tickets are between $500 - $700

Informational meeting 9/15/19.

What to bring coming soon!

Post Meeting Experience Reflection and Integration

YogaCamp-247_preview - Copy.jpeg
YogaCamp-247_preview - Copy.jpeg

La Paz, Mexico RESTORE

La Paz means peace, and you will begin to feel it as you unwind and get acclimated to Mexico in this quaint fishing town. Amenities include air conditioning, complimentary breakfast, swimming pool, and a beautiful terrace for a relaxing evening or sunrise yoga class, walking distance to shopping, dining, and a stroll along the Melacon.

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2 nights and 3 days camping next to the water at the magical Magdalena Bay, a special 

reserve for the protection of the Pacific Gray Whale. The spectacular and lavish camp setting is ideal for the breathtaking 

experience of watching whales as they frolic in the bay. You will have the opportunity to board  motorized boats twice daily. The boats are skillfully operated by local boat craftsmen who have many years of 

experience working with guests and wildlife.

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It is with great respect and concern for their 

conservation and protection that we embark on this whale watching journey of the heart. Each year in October the Grey Whales make a 

2-3 month journey of 5,000–6,800 miles from the Bering Sea down to the western coastof Baja Mexico to give birth to their calves. 

As they nurture their young, you will feel nurtured yourself as you reconnect to nature with these magnificent beings as your guide.

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Sunrise and Sunset yoga will be sprinkled throughout the trip. Body positive affirmations and gentle restorative yoga taught by Saralyn Whitney will encourage to relax into your body. Coupled with Kundalini yoga, breath work, and meditations taught by certified Kundalini instructor Angela Wilson will support and encourage you to deepen your experience. Community building activities and share circles bring us all together and help to ground the experience.

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Meditation & REFLECTION

You will end your trip with a few days back in 

La Paz, where you will have the opportunity to 

reflect on your personal experiences on the  beach and in the presence of the whales. 

Sunrise and sunset yoga, guided meditations,

journal writing and sharing circles will expand 

on the depth of your pilgrimage, mirroring the 

pilgrimage of the whales. Further opportunities for day trips and snorkeling with whale sharks 

are also available!.

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