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Summerlicious Women's Gathering

Port Townsend, Wa ~ July 14-16 2023

Summerlicious is a unique experience like no other. Here, women of all ages, backgrounds, and cultures come together to celebrate the beauty of summer. We honor the divine feminity of all  through the bounty of the season with nourishing food, engaging stories, vibrant music, heartfelt art, and meaningful ceremony. Our gathering is designed to nurture and celebrate the unique gifts each of us brings to the table. Join us this summer and be a part of something special!

Summer Garden.jpg

Located in a beautiful forested space near Port Townsend, a few minutes away from Discovery Bay, you will find our intimate campsites nestled around a large Ceremonial Yurt. Enjoy the beautiful surroundings, sleep under the stars, and create amazing connections with wildly fierce women. We will gather to play, share stories and laughter.


The heart of the event will hold a magical drum circle, sacred cacao ceremony and mystical beats inviting us to dance and rejoice under the stars. Circled by cedar trees, spiral summer gardens, and nature trails made for fairies, this truly is a magical summerlicious destination.


We can't wait to share this magical adventure with you. 

~by Dayana

Dayana will lead a ceremony, we will drink cacao medicina to help us journey to the center of our hearts. Since the beginning of time Cacao has been used in rituals and ceremonies. This plant medicine was highly revered by the poeples civilizations and the regions of its roots.  Cacao is one of the gentler entheogens. With honor and respect we will activate the spirit of cacao to help us renew our connection to Spirit and Mother Earth.

Dayana Websize.jpg

Drum Circle

~Hosted by Ambiessence

Join Ambiessence as we gather in a sacred circle around the mother drum. This event is about ceremony, spirit, healing the Mother Earth, others and ourselves. The circle will open with calling in the directions and setting intentions. We will drum and sing, sit in quiet reflection and share our experiences for those who feel called to do so. 

Frame drums & shakers are encouraged; all drums/ percussion will be welcomed. We will also have some drums and shakers available to borrow.

Sacred Meal Sharing

~ by Monique Bridges

Monique Bridges is the founder of Mo’ Munchies, a company based on bringing people together through the shared love of tasty and nourishing High Vibrational Foods. 

Cooking together is fun at The Summerlicious kitchen. For those kitchen witches that feel called to help we will have so many divine ingredients to play with as we work together. Songs of healing will play while we prepare and cook food lovingly with our own hands. Served with the intention of nurturing love and joy. Come to Summerlicious and join me as we bring people together through the power of food.


Goddess Photoshot

~Embody your inner goddess

We will offer a corner in the forest to play dress up, wear a crown for the day, dance in bubbles, and capture the moment in pictures. We will bring a variety of headsets, crowns, flora, and fauna along with lights, camera and action! You bring that goddess that is waiting to express herself! 

Sound Scapes

~Gongs, Crystal Bowls and more.

Enjoy magical sound scape of gongs, crystal bowls and other delights wash over you, helping you to relax, unwind and reset. It is said the gongs hold the vibration of the universe and has many subtle healing powers. The crystal bowls are angelic along with other magical notes and guided meditations, together they have the mystical power to take to you on a magical journey into your imagination.


Other Wildly Magical & Rejuvenating Activities



Community Building 

Goddess Photoshoot


Play & Laughter

Movement & Dance

Guided Meditation & Spiral Walks

Crafting & Rock Painting

Zen Doodles

Register Today! 
Accommodations include campsites, bring your own tent and sleep under the stars, large ceremonial yurt, tiny meditation space, kitchen, showers, and compostable toilets. We ask that you take home what your bring and treat the property with care and respect
Feminine identified, queer and non binary inclusive.

each out with questions or specific needs. Call or text Angela at (360) 731-6675 Click "Learn More" below to see the full schedule of events.

Meet The Magic Makers



Angela is a certified Yoga teacher and sound practitioner with a passion for somatic and transformational healing. She enjoys sharing the amazing goodness she finds in yoga, breathwork, sound healing, expressive arts and building community. She leads yearly pilgrimages to be out in nature, sleep under the stars, frolic with whales and make lifelong connections.



Monique is a mother of 4 sons,  a plant medicine facilitator for several years, and owns a catering business specializing in creating delicious meals with fresh, locally-sourced ingredients. Providing a hands on interactive and fun cooking experience for all to share in. 



Heidi is passionate about sacred space and connection. She enjoys holding space to offer the chance to connect to ourselves, and each other, through curiosity, art, play, drama, dance, music, poetry, and ritual. She is a Witch, a poet, a guide, a reiki practitioner, and a certified Spiritual Counselor and Earth Steward.

Heidi holds a MA in Expressive Art Therapy through C.I.I.S., Studied sacred ritual with Ylva from the Cunning Crow Apothecary, and a Neurodynamic Breathwork Facilitator among other magical mystical power's.

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Dayana Melgar is a cacao medicine carrier and a sound meditation facilitator. She is originally from Mexico and has resided in the Seattle area for 20+ years. She became an Initiate of a Mayan tradition to hold cacao ceremonies with integrity and respect in a way that honors her ancestors.

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